This Could Change Your Mind – Season 1 – Episode 5: Path Taken

Lindsay Hanna July 7, 2021 148 3

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There is a path that everyone walks on in life and we often think of it as being fresh, new, assuming that we are the first ones to venture on its track. Sometimes, other people join you and either help enrich it or make it feel more lonesome, but the mistake we make is thinking that there was no person who has walked down it before. We never dare to venture into the past, and instead look ahead at the next big thing coming up, without having reflected on how you got there in the first place. 
Dania Ali makes the journey to venture backwards by speaking to the women in her lineage who paved the way. She discovers the courageous, lonely and yet pivotal decisions that have been made by the women who came before her: her naani (grandma) Saulat Siddique and her mom Sadia Tahir. She also catches a glimpse of the path that is going to be paved for the next generation, as she speaks to her youngest sister, Rahma Ali, about how much work is still to be done for the liberation of all women. This is the, Path Taken.

Host: Dante Galea
Associate Producer: Coby Zucker
Executive Producer: Jael Joseph
Course instructor: Amanda Cupido

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