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Ahh, Entertainment. Welcome to our show! It’s all about rejecting artistic norms and replacing them with unique stories about artistic expression in the forms of music, entertainment, acting, and visual arts. This show was put together by a fantastic crew featuring Amanda Pope, Yusra Javed, Max Asper, Funké Joseph, and Breanna Xavier-Carter.

Join us in our audio journey where we’re going to meet creators who have found artistic inspiration in unexpected times of their lives!

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Art Aggregate is the first coworking and custom fabrication space located in Hamilton. Members are made up of artists and designers ranging from photographers, woodworkers, painters, sculptors to digital illustrators who create 3D models for video games.

The 6000 square foot space consists of a kitchen and lounge area, a photo studio and private studios, a classroom for public workshops, a washout room and a retail space for the artists to display and sell their work to the public. There is also a workshop space with 20-foot ceilings and equipment such as chop saws, laser cutters, sanders and more.

Amanda Pope reports on Art Aggregate and some of the artists who create in the coworking space. Listen to the full report below:

Two years ago, Chitra Iyer enrolled at the Toronto Film School to become an actress. At 50- years-old, Iyer is the oldest student to graduate in her class of 2019.

While supporting three adult children and a teaching position at a Montessori school, she has been working towards this dream for over a decade after experiencing tragedy in her own life.

Iyer considers herself a lifelong artist – from becoming a child star in Malawi, Central Africa to choreographing a Michael Jackson spring concert with her students – and she is on a continuous search of meaningful work to express herself.

Yusra Javed has the full story below:

The vinyl record is iconic — just the thought of the extra-large disc conjures up nostalgic thoughts and visualizations. For some it’s the 70s, and the era of the Hippies. For others, it’s jazz, bop, or swing, and packed diners with black and white checkered floor and milk shakes on every table. Whatever your association, there are rich musical roots codified to vinyl discs, and further, the record player itself represents a kind of classic social scenario, of friends listening to music together, not on their headphones.

In the first episode of Short Lessons in Music History, Max Asper examines the history of this iconic music medium. This episode’s experts are Rob Sanzo and Jared Ackerman. Sanzo is a long time music producer and now professor at Recording Arts Canada. Ackerman is the tour and merchandise manager for popular rapper, Russ.

Daniel Magder (AKA Danny Mags). Host of BINGPOT! Trivia. (Funké Joseph/ RSJ)

Danny Mags started his career as a child actor and quickly became a notable Canadian star on Life with Derek, the hit Family Channel sitcom where he played Edwin. Since then Danny has done a multitude of things from radio work to writing, and even hosting a hidden gem of a trivia show called BINGPOT! Trivia. It’s his own unique twist to the average bar quiz and it’s powered by elements from game shows past and his raw enthusiasm. Any subject is fair game and team’s have to be full of some diverse friends if they want to win. This story follows the roller coaster of Danny’s career, and what it feels like to finally start doing what you love.

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Breanna Xavier-Carter sat down with Toronto stand-up comedian Allie Banks to discuss her experiences of how she’s battled her way through and challenged herself to succeed in the male-dominating industry of comedy. Like the time she survived performing in one of Toronto’s biggest heckler comedy clubs, with an all-male audience! Unfortunately for most women, comedy is a difficult occupation, they are not only disregarded for their talent in the industry by overpowering men but they also deal with being objectified on-stage by audience members. Both experiences have happened to Allie on multiple occasions throughout her comedic career, which is why this girl’s got some tough skin!

Allie wants to erase stereotypes that female comedians are subject to, that’s why nowadays, you’ll find her she hosting her own comedy shows several nights a week, where she’s promoting more representation and female talent on stage, by encouraging funny women to perform.

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