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Growing pains

University drop out: You aren’t alone

kpaixao April 10, 2017 97

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University can be a scary concept. A new atmosphere, new people, essentially a chance to start a new life. They say that high school will preparing for this new chapter of your life, but does it prepare you the way it should? For 20-year-old Natalie Sousa, university wasn’t what she thought it would be. After two years of struggling to find her way in university, she dropped out. Was her high school essentially to blame? or was it a combination of different things that lead to the decision to leave her program at Trent University?

Make sure to check out this podcast piece where Natalie talks about her struggles in University, and where we talk to Allysa Martinez, from Ryerson Universities Tri-Mentoring program, about what high schools can do to help transition students into university life.

Allysa Martinez
Natalie Sousa
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