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"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"


Life isn’t easy. But without the hurdles, there would be nothing left to look forward to. There would be nothing to champion and nothing to lose. Some of us struggle more, some less than the rest, but all of us struggle in different ways. Come, let’s take a look at the lives of four individuals from completely different walks of life, putting their heart out in describing the indescribable situations from which they pulled themselves out.

Each of these stories share the common aspect of “getting better”. The main characters featured at different points in their lives found themselves fighting a battle. Some of these battles were against themselves, some against their family and other against the world. In this audio documentaries, they open up completely with raw emotions, their struggles and personal triumphs that they faced in order to reach a place of acceptance and happiness.

HomeShare program benefits both seniors and university students

by Kelly Skjerven


Pam and Alethea are apart of the Toronto HomeShare program that matches single or widowed seniors with university students who are looking for reduced rent. Students only pay between $400-600 and are required to spend 6 hours of companionship time together. For Pam and Alethea, they easily spend more than that together. Alethea loves cooking so she will usually come home from class or work and start making dinner for her and Pam. Pam unexpectedly lost her husband of 52 years 18 months ago and was feeling very sad and lonely.

Pam Bliss and Alethea Ng have been living together since September and are apart of the Toronto HomeShare program.


Forced to leave homeland

by Dania Chaudhry


Mohammad a 22-year-old boy who was born and raised in Pakistan and is a practicing Ahamdi Muslim. However, Pakistan’s government has declared all Ahmadis as non-Muslims becuase they are extremists. Due to being an Ahmadi Muslim, his family would get many death threats and severe persecution. Pakistan would not allow Mohammad and his family to freely practice their religion. For this reason they had to leave and immigrate to Canada where they started a new life. He shares his struggles and how Canada accepted him.

Mohammad Abdullah during his break at his workplace. (Dania Chaudhry/RSJ)


Housewarming Storytelling

by Nuha Khan


Veronica Antipolo and Georgette Stubbs are the co-founders and producers of a storytelling experience called Housewarning. The event is a bimonthly occasion and centres around women of colour sharing their personal stories in an open space. The creators tackle big topics by creating a safe outlet for women at an intersection of race, class and gender. Antipolo and Stubbs open up about their personal journeys and talk about why the created the Housewarming experience.


Treat everyone as if they’re god in drag: How spirituality opened my eyes

by Abhi Raheja


Hedi Meszaros, a second-year student at Ryerson University. Hédi will take you on a journey with her through the depths of her mind and heart where lie some really complex memories of her past. Get in on this ride as she shows you the mental space of a young adult dealing with life heads on How did she deal with the trauma of her past? By focusing on the present. Hédi reiterates the significance of surrendering to your past in order to escape it. For her, personal growth is the ultimate goal and anything that compromises with that is a challenge she loves taking on. For Hédi,  the universe has different ways of manifesting itself. Coincidences, luck and chances are not real. Everything is a sign.

Hédi with her dad and little sister

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